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For the last 5 years we have been taking our horses and HALTER families to ride on the beach in Freeport, TX.


For the last 2 years we have noticed the signifigant benefits of both the horseback riding and the swimming in the ocean for our Autistic children.


Beginning in 2015 we invited anyone not just HALTER participants to join us on riding on the beach with the horses.  We have met some wonderful families and the kids loved it. 


Starting Summer 2016 We will have 3 Surf and Turf Camps. This will provide children with the opportunity to play in the ocean surf and ride horses on the beach. We will add an addional Surf and Turf Day Camp date to partner with other surfing non profits and or  local Surfers who want to share their surfing skills with some wondeful special children.  We are inviting anyone and everyone to sign up this is not just for HALTER participants.

Registration Information

We will be offering our Surf and Turf  Camps in summer months:  

          Specific Dates To be announced here

Each of these camps will have 32 spots for riding. We will have two minis for children 60 pounds and under and two full size horses.

Each spot is 20 minutes long and includes a boxed lunch and a water.

The cost is:    $35 per child

                     $45 per adult

                     $10 per boxed lunch no riding

 There will be no galloping on the beach. All children will have HALTER staff leading them. Children 60 pounds and under will only be able to ride the mini horses.  Adults will have to follow the directions of the HALTER staff or will have to dismount.  You must arrive 20 minutes before your ride time and check in. You are welcome to stay and hang out after your ride. We will call your name 3 times and move on to the next rider to keep everyone on schedule.

All riders will sign a liability release!!!!!!!

HALTER is not providing lifeguards. You swim at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!

All camps must be prepaid by to be announced

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!!!!  This is a rain or shine event.

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