Maria Pigozzi, M.S. in Psychology

Specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis

17 years director of HALTER, Inc.


Experienced Advocate for Special Needs ARD/IEP meetings


Registered Behavior Therapist


Parent of Special Needs Children

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Life Coach

Assisting Warrior Parents of Special Needs Children

Warrior Moms and Dads of special needs children face an overwhelming array of issues to ensure their child receives the quality education and skills training they need. A specialized Life Coach can support these families who may not have a network of encouragement and can help work through the system to locate resources, advocate for the child, and help develop a plan for both parents and child.

A coach helps your family analyze your situation and identify existing and potential challenges and obstacles. Your coach will help you develop a plan of action to achieve specific outcomes in your life.

A Special Needs Life Coach can help you address the unique issues your family may be facing and set achievable goals. These goals could be:

  • Advocating for your child

  • Behavior goals

  • Coping with family issues

  • Planning for the future

  • Creating a vision for what the family wants

  • Using the coach’s expertise to modify goals as needed

  • Defining a vision for success

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