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We not only do cool things at HALTER but we take the kids and the animals and do cool things other places as well. Over the years we have taken our animals to camp buckaroo with United Cerebral Palsy, we have part of the athelete's village at Special Oympics, we have brought animals to inner city churches, champions Kids Camp for the last 4 yrs, we participate in the Village Independence Festival for the last 13 years, as well as participated in the Katy Rodeo Parade for the last 11 years. We have taken the animals every year to The Briarwood School. We were honored this year when The West View School asked us to be the pony rides at their family fun day. We had so much fun with the Autistic families. We want as many children and families as possible to benefit from our animals and the work we do with the to better their lives. We not only work with special needs children we work with the families giving them a place for all to go. 

 We have taken the children and our Equine Ambassadors to the beach, we didn't know that we had sea horses. Because of the great results we have had Ms. Maria contacted Wave of Impact a non profit that does surfing with Special needs children  we are working on partnering in the late summer for a Surf and Turf day at the beach with horseback riding and surfing for the children and their families. The horses and kids have participated in the Katy Rodeo, have gone Soritng in Snook Texas, and have been on trail rides in George Bush Park.

A Field Trip to Sherwood Forest Fair to support our president of Equine Operations Charlie Andrews

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