Dare Me for Charity 2014
Charlie Andrews Horsemanship Clinics 2014, 2016, 2018

In 2014, 2016, 2018 we hosted a horsemanship clinic for Charlie Andrews the captain of the full contact jousting team The Knights of Mayhem.  The Knights of Mayhem had their own reality show on National Geographic. Mr. Andrews came and taught all that attended many things including having everyone ride during the two day clinic. HALTER INC was able to provide horses for those who attended the clinic and either did not have their own horse or could not bring their own horse.

You can never say it's boring at HALTER. In the summer of 2014 HALTER not only participated in, and was ranked  the number #1 charity in Houston, but also hosted the event for 35 charities in Houston. The cable show Dare Me For Charity came out with their Huge air bag and a 40ft platform to have participants jump for their charity. We took care of evryone that came by having the petting zoo for the kids and we had drinks and food for everyone. Ms. Maria was so proud of the kids they worked so hard to get the palce ready for company and they were so helpful at the event. Yup never boring at HALTER

This has been our Spring fundraiser for the last 3 years. This year we went all out with having Jimmy Riffle of Animal Planet's The Gator Boys as well as Rupert Isaacson of the book and movie The Horse Boy come to our event. We had several of the best Food Trucks in Houston as well as very cool silent auction items donated from very generous companies. The weather was not on our side so the event was not well attended the families that did come our had a blast. Jimmy Riffle is a great guy he was hoping more people would come out to help our organization but he had fun with the kids that did come out, including arm wrestling the teenage boys, silly boys!!  We even had NFL player and good friend of Ms. Maria Charles Davis, come out and let everyone try on his Super Bowl ring. HALTER families do not know how to NOT have a good time no matter what. Even with mud they had fun. Thank You Jimmy Riffle for making this such a great event.

We have recently looked into working with the Horse Boy foundation. We offered to host a Demo for them in the hopes to help facilitate knowledge of their programs to Houston and as a good faith gesture to invite Rupert Isaacson to participate and Emcee in our Rock the Pasture event. At the request of Rupert and the Horse Boy organization, 6 of  our staff have paid for and  completed both the online Horse Boy Method 1 class and paid for and completed a private clinic to finish the requirements for completing the Horse Boy Method level 1.  HALTER hosted  the  Demo for the Horse Boy organization with the same care and respect they have for all their events. With a smaller than expected turn out from all the advertising and Rupert and his team not completing the horseback portion of the demo HALTER made sure all partipants were taken care of in the end. HALTER wishes the Horse Boy good luck in their future endeavors. 

Rock the Pasture 2015
Horse Boy Method / Learning Demo 2015

On Property Events


Over the  years we have had the opportunity to have some special people and special events at the HALTER facility. 

We have hosted a horsemanship clinics, we have hosted a charity event for a cable show, we have had celebrities film episodes of their show at HALTER, and we have had celebrities join our fundraiser as well as give a Demo for Autistic Families.

Sensory Haven Grand Opening/ HCDE sign presentation 8-1-15

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