Pony Express Club

Under 13 years old...


Pony Express is for anyone who is in the 3rd through 8th grade and loves working with animals. Learning about animal care, team work, leadership, giving back, helping others is what happens to the kids in Pony Express Club. They help with our Lead-line riders, they can participate in our off facility events, and get to participate in the Katy Rodeo Parade.

The cost is $60 per month for the child to come out:

Monday and Wednesday from 5 pm - 6 pm and Saturdays from 8 am - 2pm

  Lunch is provided on Saturdays. 


Over 13 years old and in high school...Teens in high school can join the Pony Express at no charge and can earn service hours for high school graduation  and college.

Little Feather and his gang

Working with miniature horses is great for children of all ages. Caring for and bonding with a horse is such a postive and nurturing bond. You can tell a horse anything they will just listen. Spending your days in the fresh air working with great animals and helping others what a great way to grow up!


The kids at HALTER become a close knit group that looks out for each other. Children with and without specical needs work side by side getting the job done. What one can't do another helps with, and maybe they will need help with something you can help them with. The childre form life long bonds with their 4 legged and 2 legged friends.


 We have been around for 14 yrs and many of the Kids at HALTER have gown up having fun at HALTER! One of our kids made this video to show how much fun it is being part of the HALTER Family.

 Martine had been coming out to HALTER for 5 yrs she is orignally from Norway and she has grown into a wonderful young woman she has made the videos on this site to show everyone what HALTER means to her.

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