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     Here at HALTER we want to give everyone a chance to support their favorite horse. We allow the kids and their parents the opportunity to adopt a horse for the month. When you adopt one of our horses for the month, your adoption fee will go towards the horse's needs from eating to living a happy life here on the pasture. When you adopt a horse, then that horse will be available to you when you come out for your riding lessons (if applicable). So, if you have a favorite horse, show her some love and adopt her.

   Click on the picture of the horse for some more information.

Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HALTER relies on gifts and donations. Every dollar donated goes to the growth of our programs to help those of our community that need it most.  There is no such thing as too small of a donation, because every dollar counts! We thank you in advance.

The Bit & Bridle

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