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     We have community service on Saturdays. This is for anyone over the age of 13 yrs old. You need to be ready to work. You need to wear clothes that can get dirty, especially after a good rain. This is the fashion on the pasture. You will pick up trash, water the animals, help feed and help with any project we might have going on. 


     No shirts promoting anything provocative, drug related, sex related, or anything that would be deemed inappropriate for a child to see. Shorts are acceptable, yet need to be long enough so we can't see your butt cheeks. Closed toed shoes are mandatory that means NO flip flops! No slippers! If you arrive with a printed shirt we deem inappropriate and/or arrive in any other footwear than closed toe shoes, you will be sent home. HALTER is completely an outdoor facility. Your safety as well as our image is more important than providing a place for you to do community service. Please arrive in proper attire for this venue.

     The topic of attitude must also be addressed. We are not here to disrespect you or to impose what we think is punishment. This program benefits the both of us. You have a place to perform community service, and we get the services of a much needed volunteer for the day. Therefore, we need you as much as you need us. We will show you the upmost respect in that regard. Respect goes both ways. We understand you may not want to be here. However, you are responsible for keeping your emotions in check. We are not here to be abused by your frustration. This organization caters to Special Needs Children, and children of all age groups. If you choose to disrespect the staff and/or volunteers, the children, and/or the animals, you will be asked to leave immediately. You won't be welcomed back.


     There is a mandatory parent meeting at 8:00 am. of your first day. This will be an orientation for both you and your parents. So there in no miscommunication, and all of us are on the same page in what is expected from your time with us. Your work starts from 8:00 am until 12 noon. There are no breaks, you must stay the entire time. We are not going to babysit you or treat you like children. If you want to leave or just leave, we are not going to stop you. We will contact your parent or guardian to let them know. Everything that transpires during your time with us will be based on decisions you choose to employ. If you leave early, no matter how early, we will not sign off on your paperwork.


   The purpose of this program is to give you a place to perform community service, for the organization that imposed it. If you abide by our rules that is covered by the orientation, you will receive a signed time sheet for the school or court. It is your responsibility to bring whatever paperwork needs to be signed with you each time you come. We do not have the means to digitally clock your hours. That is a responsibility you must accept. You can click the button below and print out the appropriate paperwork and bring it with you. We look forward to your help! 



Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HALTER relies on gifts and donations. Every dollar donated goes to the growth of our programs to help those of our community that need it most.  There is no such thing as too small of a donation, because every dollar counts! We thank you in advance.

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