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Supervised Distance Learning

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In 2020 we have all had challenges with the Covid  pandemic and keeping our loved ones safe. In the practice pf social distancing we will be offering Supervised Distance Learning to a select few students. We are offering a natural environment with heavy emphasis on the  outdoors. We offer 30 beautiful acres with friendly farm animals. 

We have opened this program to 8 children total. We have 5 slots open for the fall semester.

Your child will have their own work space to do their schools distance learning. You will provide a computer and any other learning material from their home school. We will have internet to connect your computer to. We will follow your home schools schedule. 

During break time the students will have opportunity to socialize and interact with the miniature horses, goats, donkey, and pigs. There is also a playground, stockyard maze and trails for the children to enjoy. 


To sign up for our program:

* Your family must practice social distancing

*Your child must stay in the program the fall semester

*This is a full time program no drop ins to keep every ones safe

*If your child is sick or has fever they MUST STAY HOME.

We are offering this as a positive learning alternative while keeping everyone as safe as possible.


$75.00 Registration fee

$250.00 Per Week

$1000.00 Per Month 

Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HALTER relies on gifts and donations. Every dollar donated goes to the growth of our programs to help those of our community that need it most.  There is no such thing as too small of a donation, because every dollar counts! We thank you in advance.

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